Planning a trip? Take advantage of these perks

Many adults over 50 are entitled to an array of discounts, which take into consideration seniors’ fixed retirement incomes. Discounts are available on various services, including many travel options. Seniors have a lot of time to devote to recreational pursuits. This list of available travel discounts can help seniors get the most bang for their vacation bucks. Airline tickets Before

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Fun ways for seniors to stay active

Metro Newspaper Service Physical activity is an important component of overall health. Health experts advise that exercise can increase lean body mass, prevent conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improve balance, and positively affect mental health/cognition. Exercise also can foster socialization with others, helping people overcome boredom and isolation. As individuals get older, they may not be able to participate

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Planning to retire? Money management tips

Metro Newspaper Service What constitutes a perfect retirement is different for everyone. Some people may imagine spending their golden years fishing their days away, while others may aspire to finally embrace their inner globetrotter. Though individuals’ retirement dreams differ, every retiree will need money, which only underscores the importance of a wise and disciplined approach to money management. Average life

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