Tailor-made gifts for those on the go

Metro News

Older adults did not seem to get the memo regarding inflation. As the world continues to navigate a cost-of-living increase, internal data from Bank of America indicates that Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) and Traditionalists (individuals born between 1928 and 1945) are spending more while younger generations are cutting back. Between May 2021 and May 2022, spending by Traditionalists increased by more than 5 percent while Baby Boomer spending rose by 2.2 percent. That uptick occurred while younger generations’ spending fell by 1.5 percent.

Seniors seem to be on the go, and that’s something holiday shoppers can keep in mind as they look for gifts for their aging parents, grandparents and others. With that in mind, shoppers can consider these gifts that align well with the lifestyles of older adults who are out and about and making the most of their free time.

  • Golf clubs or additional golf gear: Data from the National Golf Foundation indicated that more than 34 million people in the United States played golf in 2019, and 15 percent of those players were 65 and older. A new set of custom-fit clubs can help seniors take their game to the next level. Such clubs can be expensive, so they make a great tandem gift from children and grandchildren who pool their resources. If new clubs are not necessary or too costly, a single club, such as a new driver or putter, makes for a great gift as well. Gear like a new golf bag, new spikes and new course-friendly attire also makes a great gift for seniors who love the links.
  • Travel gifts: The 2023 AARP Travel Trends survey found that 85 percent of older adults rank travel in their top three priorities for discretionary spending. The appeal of travel has not worn off for modern adults, and shoppers can keep that in mind this holiday season. New luggage, travel miles earned through a credit card, unique experiences at senior travelers’ next destination, air tags that can keep track of luggage, and a world travel adapter that can convert plugs in any country across the globe are just a few of the many travel gifts shoppers can give on-the-go seniors this December.
  • Exercise gear: The National Council on Aging notes that adults who exercise after turning 65 continue to reap the same rewards that improve quality of life among younger men and women. In addition to boosting immunity, exercising after 65 continues to improve mood so long as you stay the course. Exercise gear, including attire and appropriate footwear, can reduce injury risk and help you feel more comfortable while breaking a sweat.
  • Spa session: All that activity is good for the body, but so is a little post-activity rest and relaxation. A day at the spa, where you can get a massage, take a mental break and address minor aches and pains can be just the thing seniors need to recover in time for their next excursion.