She escaped US bombs, and then became an American: Doris Alewine found love in her US home

By Chelsea Retherford | Living 50 Plus Whenever Doris Achenbach Alewine shares her story, she almost always begins with her early life in Germany during World War II. “I always say, I almost got killed by the Americans in 1945, and then in 1967, I became one of them,” she shares the anecdote with a small laugh. Though she’s proud

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A Master at gardening: John Norton’s a pepper and tomato expert

By Chelsea Retherford | Living 50 Plus In the next couple of weeks, John Norton will begin putting out tomato and pepper sprouts he’s been nurturing and monitoring in his basement since February. Though his home garden boasts several raised beds that produce a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries all year long, Norton is known locally among

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Purple irises at Ivy Green: Paula Kelley, Jenia Bradford maintain ground at the historic home

By Chelsea Retherford | Living 50 Plus Master Gardeners Paula Kelley and Jenia Bradford have been members of the program long enough to find areas they specialize in, but both gardeners credit Betty and Dennis Balch for building the Shoals Association into the organization it is today. Bradford said the Shoals Master Gardeners owe some of their biggest ongoing projects,

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