Signs a computer may need some extra attention or require replacement

computer signs

Working professionals know that few things can be as frustrating as a malfunctioning computer. A computer that’s not working properly can interrupt work flow, lead to lost man hours and make it hard to get much done.
Whether it’s a spinning color wheel or some other familiar indicator that a computer is not working at peak capacity, there are some telltale signs that a device needs some extra attention.

Frequent (often frustrating) glitches: Glitches are a common indicator that something is wrong with a computer. Glitches may make a computer freeze or crash. The latter occurs when the computer screen suddenly goes blank and the device reboots without prompting. In such instances, work may be lost and it may take a manual restart after the reboot to successfully open and use programs again.

Error messages: Frequent error messages are another indicator that a computer requires some extra attention. These messages may appear suddenly, even when using applications that have been running for some time.

Noise: When working smoothly, computers do not make much noise. However, when parts in the device have begun to malfunction, users may hear noises. One of the more common noises is a loud system fan. When this occurs, users can hear the fan produce a noise that makes it sound as though it’s overexerting itself.

Sluggishness: Much like their human users, computers can exhibit signs of sluggishness when they feel a little overwhelmed. If a computer is sluggish, chances are its hard drive is overwhelmed and running out of room. Moving large files and folders to an external hard drive and then deleting them from the computer’s hard drive can help a computer perform without the sluggishness.
Some of these problems can be addressed without replacing the computer. For example, a noisy fan may just need to be replaced. And installing some extra memory can improve performance when a computer is working slowly. However, persistent glitches and frequent error messages may indicate it’s time to replace a computer. Professionals are urged to speak with their counterparts in IT to remedy any computer issues that are interrupting workflow and making it hard to get work done on time.